Hagoromo Projects is an art gallery and curatorial bureau with offices in Miami, New York and Detroit. The project was started as Black Square Gallery in Miami in September 2010 to present contemporary art processes and selected artists to art collectors and all art-lovers. After re-branding and operational changes in 2014, the initiative continues its work as Hagoromo Projects under curator Anna Milashevych. Interacting with our visitors, clients and represented artists, we complement the gallery exhibitions with creative discussions, lectures and master classes. The gallery takes part in 5-7 international art-fairs annually, and organizes 4-5 art shows in the gallery space per year. Complimenting Hagoromo Projects gallery, Hagoromo Projects bureau is focused on curatorial work for significant cultural events.

Hagoromo Projects cultural bureau also publishes art almanac Hagoromo Magazine quarterly.

La casa del escriba (el comedor) 125 x 180 cm_ 2012 - web

photograph: Pablo Lehmann, Scribe’s House project, 2012